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Rea le Roux


Rea le Roux will be performing from 14h00-16h00!

Date: 23 July 2022



The entrance fee is JUST R2 per person! 

Rea le Roux's Miley Cyrus 'Wrecking Ball' comedy parody 'Ek's g@tvol vir huis skoonmaak" went viral in the Afrikaans market, and mostly everybody in the Afrikaans market  knows it.

It has achieved over 2 million views & streams on facebook, TikTok and Youtube in total. Her hit song 'Boeremeisies Rule' has also achieved over 400 000 views online.

She is passionate about the SA entertainment industry and has her own TV show on NetAfrikaans which is a channel like Netflix in Afrikaans where she interviews TOP SA musical celebrities about their journey to success. She performs something for everyone during her music shows from modern country, golden oldies, 80's to her original hits.