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Quentin Prinsloo

Entrance: Quentin Prinsloo will be performing from 14h00-16h00!

Date: 31 July 2022



The entrance fee is JUST R5 per person! 

He is originally from Pretoria but lives in Cape Town for about 4 years now. Cape Town has always been close to his heart since his first tour to Cape Town in 2003. He regularly travels between Cape Town and Pretoria. For Bookings or Enquiries: qp.management@yahoo.com -QUENTIN PRINSLOO- • His been singing since a very young age but has performed professionally since 2000. • During his 21 years in the music industry, he released 6 albums and 1 dvd. • He has also featured in the first Afrikaans teenage movie, Bakgat. • Through the years he had various top hits, with his greatest one, Reën oor My. • His 6th album was released in 2017, titled Suurstof. • Since then, he has released 3 singles on digital platforms; Jy is die Een, My Belofte and Witperd. • In 2020, he had the opportunity to record a cover song, I need You, with his dad. This is something the 2 of them always wanted to do. Besides his passion for singing and performing, he loves nature and the outdoors. His family means the world to him, and he loves spending time with them. His latest single, Witperd, was released in June 2021. It was originally written and recorded by Tertius Pretorius about 7 years ago. The song has always been special for Quentin and he felt the song had to be re-released. The song was reworked by Quentin and Uys Visser. Over the last 3 years he had to adapt to the change in the industry. Everything is digital these days and social media presence is very important. He quickly realized this and has established a following on his social media platforms. Quentin is a singing sensation who is loved by his fans and supporters for his energetic performance and talent. His personality and songs speaks about love, love for what he does and his love for people and nature.